Injection-moulded parts are indispensable today, because they are used in many areas of our daily lives.

We manufacture moulding tools for injection molded technical and high-gloss parts using many types of thermoplastic.

The Munz AG is a leading company in the construction of injection moulds and muld-making for over 30 years.

We can realize the production of an injection moulding tool to a construction size of 900 mm x 600 mm.


Today, the plastic polyurethane (PU) has become an irreplaceable asset. In the construction industry, PU is known in frothy form as a foam rubber or construction foam.

Polyurethane is widely used in the automotive industry, for example consoles and dashboards are predominantly made from polyurethane.

The foam moulds are made from high-strength aluminum, so that large components can be produced very inexpensively. The weight saved when compared with steels is enormous and lightens the over all manufacturing processes.

We are capable of producing foam moulds for part sizes up to 800mm x 500mm.


EDM Machines

Deckel DE 25 (1 of 2):<p> We have two of these universal machines to implement your requests quickly and efficiently</p> Deckel DE 25 (2 of 2) Charmilles HD10 hole drilling edm machine: <p>Start hole drilling with electrode tubes from 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm</p> Charmilles Wire Cutting:<p>Submerged wire cutting, up to an angle of 30 degrees and a working height of 200 mm to meet the highest demands.</p>


Latest technology:<p> The LZ 360 S from GDW</p> Proven in everyday use:<p>Kern Lathe</p>

Boring Mills

radial drilling machine for fabricating cooling bores in the mold plates</h3> Column drilling machine


Deckel FP2 NC Deckel FP 5 NC FP 5 NC (Milling cabin) Machining centre DMC 70 V:<p>equipped with tool changer and pallet changer, for an efficient production process</p>


Jung<p>high precision surface grinder</p> G+H <p>high precision surface grinder</p> Rosa<p>high precision surface grinder</p>

In addition to the manufacturing of injection moulds and PU foam molds we also manufacture: punching and notching tools, gauges and devices of all kinds.

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